Grades of Green is proud to announce we are now in six countries, with Kenya being the newest addition to the Grades of Green family. When we asked their adult Green Leader how the environment relates to African livelihoods, he responded saying, “it is a fact that the environment supports the life of every being and plant in this world.  The factors that drove me into environmental work are many some of which are, deforestation as a result of charcoal burning, poor dumping of non-decomposing materials like poly nags, plastics and chemical waste from agriculture, poor sanitation in most schools and homes, the list is big and these issues affect our lives directly but unfortunately most Africans, almost 70% are not aware of environmental issues and rights, so my friend, together as a team we have a role to play to save this beautiful planet, its us human beings using it without care, so we must SPEAK AND ACT, which is our motto, our slogan is Together we Think Act and Grow.”

The first Grades of Green activity these Kenyan schools inplemented was to create an Earth Club. After that, they planted tree saplings in used containers that will eventually be planted in the bush.  These schools have already been taking steps to care for the environment.   We can’t wait to see what things they have in store next!