The California Resource Recovery Association’s (CRRA) recently presented its Outstanding Waste Prevention Award to Grades of Green at CRRA’s 36th Annual Conference and Trade Show as the organization CRRA believed most successfully implemented a program that prevents the generation of waste. The award was based on Grades of Green’s efforts to educate students on the hows and whys of reducing their lunchtime and campus trash.

Specifically, Grades of Green’s Trash Redux Initiative has multiple trash reduction activities to implement in schools, such as Trash Free Lunches and Worm Bins. The CRRA presented the award to Grades of Green Co-Founder Suzanne Kretschmer. On receiving the award, Suzanne stated, “We are honored to be chosen for this wonderful award. Trash reduction is a big priority at Grades of Green and our Trash Free Tuesday activity along with our in-class recycling and composting programs are really changing the ways schools look at waste. If we all work together to keep these valuable resources in the loop, our footprint on this earth can be sustainable.”