Here’s one for the record books! Students at Will Rogers Middle School in Long Beach diverted the most waste we’ve seen in one day! Before the Grades of Green program was implemented, students at Will Rogers created an average of 43 bags of trash at lunch per day. By bringing reusables and creating school-wide waste sorting stations, students reduced their waste to less than 4 bags of trash – that’s an 89% reduction in waste! By the end of the school year, Will Rogers will divert a total of 70 TONS of waste from entering a landfill! The school’s Grades of Green Team is made up of 40 passionate student members and has on-site support from the school district! Along with these students and district personnel, many staff members became inspired to reduce waste as well, making it a true school-wide effort.

Click here for step-by-step directions and resources to implement Grades of Green’s Trash Free Lunches Activity at your school!Assembly WRMS