Grades of Green Team Leader Omino Alex, from Kandhere Primary School in Kenya, is an inspiring member of the Grades of Green movement! Omino Alex is leading his Green Team in an innovative tree planting project that was funded by our very own Youth Corps member Maddie from St. Margaret’s Episcopal School!  Not only are they planting tree varietals that absorb large amounts of carbon, but they can also produce various plant based products, which will help create employment opportunities for youth in his village.  As an education component, he plans to study the linking factors between plant growth and human growth. Check back on the Grades of Green website for updates on Omino Alex’s Green Project in Kenya. Inspired by this story? Get involved Register with Grades of Green at to begin! Thanks to our friends at LAcarGUY for helping Grades of Green reach schools like Kandhere Primary School through our Sustainable Schools Program.