Last week, Below the Fold host Kristin Brey invited Grades of Green to speak about student sustainability success stories. Communications Associate Justin Bulova shares about Grades of Green’s history, mission, and campaigns.

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Several eco-leaders were mentioned throughout the interview, such as Deep Creek Middle School, from Chesapeake, VA. Chesapeake Middle School’s Green Team presented to local City Council on the subject of reusables in their school cafeteria. Mott Hall III, in Bronx, NY was recognized for their record-breaking waste audit. Justin spoke about the inspiring collaboration between 4H Aquatics Club, in Omaha & Malezi Community Center in Nairobi, Kenya. We spoke about Penn, from Manhattan Beach, California, and his Karma Keeper. We also discussed the South Bay Team, from Los Angeles, California, Bottega Della Arti Creative in Rome, Italy, and Port Jefferson High School in Long Island, New York.

“Our students have passed 12 city or state-wide resolutions. Our student leaders have conserved 21 million gallons of water and diverted 2,740 tons of waste. Just this last spring semester our students diverted 114 tons of waste from landfills. I am always left in awe by what our student leaders can accomplish. It’s really just so inspiring and goes to show that if we can all practice a little bit of sustainability in our lives, we can get to a more sustainable planet much quicker.” – Justin Bulova, Communications Associate.

Grades of Green also took some time to recognize sponsors such as The Boeing CompanySouthern California EdisonNorthrop Grumman, and Subaru PacificYou can listen to the full interview with Below the Fold here.

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