Last week, Grades of Green traveled to Minnesota to speak at the 1st Annual Green Schools National Conference in Minneapolis. Grades of Green Founder, Suzanne Kretschmer, was the presenter for “Hands-On Environmental Education” as well as “Empowering Your School to Go Green”. Both sessions were well-attended by schools looking for fun ways to teach kids how to care for the environment.

Rhonda Steinberg, Principal of Grand View Elementary and Grades of Green’s pilot school, also spoke at the conference. She talked about the intricacies of greening a school through the eyes of an administrator. As usual, Rhonda had the crowd captivated and laughing while telling stories about the various trials and tribulations of going green.

She presented with Waste Management, one of the leading green waste haulers in the county. They are currently promoting a recycling contest with Pepsico, to try and “close the loop” to ensure that all aluminum cans get recycled. Now that is something to talk about! It was an inspiring conference with so many like-minded people together trying to come up with fresh ways to protect our Earth.

So jump on board and bring Grades of Green to your school because “Every Shade Makes a Difference!”