Grades of Green team student leaders from Macy Intermediate gave a special presentation at the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County (LACSD) board meeting. The LACSD, who have graciously sponsored the Trash Free Lunch Challenge since its inception six years ago, invited Grades of Green to present about the program at a board meeting. Upon hearing about the opportunity, Grades of Green reached out to Youth Corps Eco-Leadership students Evan, Victoria and Audrey to invite them to create and deliver a presentation. The students did an excellent job, and spoke about their schools participation in the Trash Free Lunch Challenge and how the program has impacted their school in a positive way. In fact, Macy Intermediate was making 45 bags of trash each day at lunchtime before participating in the Challenge. Now, the school makes on 12 bags daily, resulting in 59 tons of waste diverted from landfills in just one school year. Way to go Evan, Audrey and Victoria! Interested in registering your school to participate in the 2017-18 Trash Free Lunch Challenge? Email us at to learn more and register today!