Grades of Green is happy to support Ballona Creek Renaissance in their efforts to ban polystyrene products in Culver City. As an environmental education organization, we know the importance of instilling good earth friendly habits in children from an early age and part of that is being mindful of the products and packaging we as a community choose to use.

Polystyrene products are difficult to recycle. Because of this they either make their way to our landfills where they accumulate and cannot break down or end up as litter. Especially in coastal communities, this litter eventually makes its way into the ocean where the particles are ingested by sea life and birds.

Grades of Green has been fortunate enough to work in the past with Culver City schools as part of our Trash Free Lunch Challenge where we help schools reduce waste and teach students how and why to care for the Earth. During this time, we have been so impressed with Culver City’s many environmental programs and efforts in the schools. We encourage the city to stay on the forefront of environmental leadership and continue to teach its children good environmental values by approving this polystyrene ban.