Congratulations to Grades of Green’s Youth Corps Eco-Leadership Program’s Lauren Stargardter, Ryan Gustafson, and Macallan Laver for raising money to purchase two hydration stations at Mira Costa High School to be installed at the tennis court/athletic field area and the Mustang Mall.  Did you know 1,500 plastic water bottles are consumed every second and over 450 are used each week at Costa’s tennis courts?  These new stations will encourage the use of reusable bottles in lieu of single use plastic bottles.  Plastic water bottles pose huge health and environmental concerns and these stations are the solution.  Thank you to MBX Foundation for donating over $4,000 towards this great project!  These stations will benefit students, athletes, coaches, the community and environment for years to come.  Check out their story in the Mustang Newsletter and in the News from MB/X Foundation! Go Costa!

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