Last fall,
fourth-grader Max Riley spoke out at the Hermosa Beach City Council meeting in
support of an ordinance banning polystyrene takeout packaging, explaining that
even tiny pieces of Styrofoam pollute the beaches and ocean. Max was joined by
his sister, Reece Riley, and other Grades of Green Youth Corps students at city
council meetings this year to persuade council members of the negative
environmental impacts polystyrene has on local beaches, the ocean, and marine
creatures. Watch their presentation
here! Hermosa Beach
City Council agreed, voting to join over 60 other California cities in banning
polystyrene food containers. Under this law, food providers within the city are
prohibited from using disposable packing made with polystyrene.

Max and his Reece
didn’t stop there! This fall they developed a green project proposal to
implement Foam Free Fridays at schools in the Hermosa Beach City School
District in order to reduce Styrofoam waste from school lunches. The project,
which would replace Styrofoam trays with recycled paper trays on Fridays
throughout the duration of the 2012-2013 school year, would also promote
composting of both the recycled paper trays and uneaten fruit and vegetables
from student lunches. After successful execution of Foam Free Fridays during
this school year, Max and Reece plan to seek permanent change by presenting the
success of the project to the school board and requesting that they implement
recycled paper trays on a permanent basis.

Great job Max and