Hermosa Beach switched to a pay-as-you-throw system where residents’ rates are based on the amount of trash they throw away.  The intent of this program is to encourage residents to create less waste and to reward them financially by doing so.  The pay-as-you-throw system was recommended by Hermosa’s Green Task Force and Grades of Green Youth Corps student Max Riley.

Max Riley stated, “we kids can help teach better ways to reduce and reuse so we don’t have as much trash in the first place, then we can finish off by making sure everyone truly knows how much can be recycled.  We kids have learned how to take better care of the planet without making major changes in our lifestyle.”  The Council was convinced this made sense.  As Councilmember Tucker put it, “to throw away the education our children are receiving in the schools and not having a two-cart system is a step in the wrong direction.”  To read the full article, click here.  To learn how to implement our Trash Free Tuesday program in your school, click here.