Last week, Grades of Green had the opportunity to partner with Dopper to celebrate Earth Week with a screening of “Before The Flood.” “Before The Flood” is Leonardo DiCaprio’s critically acclaimed documentary that highlights the necessities of global lifestyle change in order to foster a sustainable future for the coming generations. DiCaprio explores the deforestation of the rain-forests in Indonesia, the melting of the ice sheet in Greenland, and the crop-destroying floods in India, to demonstrate the urgency of changing our carbon intensive lifestyles. One of the highlights of the film is when DiCaprio sheds light on how humans have ignored the warning signs of climate change by noting, “I play fictitious characters solving fictitious problems. I believe mankind has looked at climate change in the same way, as if it were fiction.”

Guests of the screening had the opportunity to make a pledge for Earth Month and take pictures demonstrating his or her environmental pledge. Pledges included obtaining a worm bin, contacting local government about climate change, and reducing meat consumption among others.