Rhonda Steinberg, Principal of Grand View Elementary in Manhattan Beach, believes in going green. Especially when your mascot is a Gator and your school color is green!  Thanks to her passion and enthusiasm for greening the campus, Lisa Coppedge along with other parent volunteers is leading the charge to make Grand View school one of the first Zero Waste schools in the nation. Zero Waste means auditing every aspect of the school’s waste stream and seeing how the school can reduce and eliminate it.  Waste should be looked at as a resource; something that can be reused, as opposed to something that automatically goes to the landfill.  The students are jumping on board and have been a huge help with this goal. The teachers have also worked hard to contribute and have reduced the amount of trash each classroom generates to almost nothing. These efforts are also saving the school money by allowing the school to cut back on trash pick-ups as well as reducing the amount of trash bags being used. Read the full article in the Daily Breeze.