With Summer 17’ beginning to wind down, now is the best time to start you back to school shopping. Unfortunately, many of the school supplies we currently use contain harmful toxins. This year, make the switch to safer, more eco-friendly school supplies.


First, you will need to discover which times are included in you school supply kits/educator lists. Then, you will determine which school supplies you could potentially “green.” For example:

    • Can you switch to paper towels that are not bleached and are made from recycled content?
    • Can you switch to a non-toxic glue like Elmers?
    • Can you switch to eco-friendly pencils, pens, and markers?
    • Can you switch to eco-friendly crayons, such as soy crayons?
    • Can you switch from toxic surface cleaners to non-toxic surface cleaners?
    • Can you eliminate hand sanitizers and instead encourage use of non-toxic soap and water? If not, you can switch to more eco-friendly hand sanitizers?  (Click here for a DIY hand sanitizer)
    • Can you eliminate wipes, and encourage the use of non-toxic soap and water?
  1. Check out this eco-friendly school supply kit from Onyx and Blue, for a cool example of supplies. Additionally, check out this green supply kit containing binders, sleeves, and notebooks. OR, check out the Ultimate Green Store for all of you school supply needs!