Five Youth Corps students from Hughes Middle School in Long Beach worked together to organize a green workday. 75 students, parents, and teachers gathered at Hughes Middle School on a Saturday morning to greenify their school and help Youth Corps students implement their Green Projects, including Isaiah’s to restore habitat for the Western Bluebird and Rebecca’s to install a skateboard rack. At the end of the day, 16 pounds of litter was collected; 14 Eco-Tip signs were painted and hung; 8 Bluebird nesting boxes were painted; 1 bench was painted; 4 mosaics were tiled; 6 vertical planters were filled with succulents; flax, milkweed, orange tree, and succulents were planted around campus; 25 recycling bins markers were repainted; 2 benches were built and painted; 15 recycling bins were washed; 1 skateboard rack was installed and two semi-trucks worth of mulch was spread. Congratulations Hughes on a successful workday!