The Straw Free Movement

Bas Les Pailles, a non-governmental organization in France, is preparing to launch the first ever International Straw Free Day! International Straw Free Day falls on February 3rd. Organizations in over 20 different countries have already to agreed to go straw-free in solidarity with Bas Les Pailles. Be a part of this global movement to stop straws from sucking!

Say No to Straws

In the United States of America alone, consumers use 500 million straws daily. In France, consumers use 8 million straws daily. Straws are difficult to recycle and are often thrown into landfills. Moreover, aquatic animals are especially susceptible to straws as they can suffocate on plastics while feeding. Straws are usually not necessary in our daily lives, so why should we continue to use them?

How to Help

On February 3rd remember to say “no straw please” when ordering your drink! If you need to use straws, invest in a reusable straw! Let restaurants, cafes, and bars know that you’re not interested in straws! Visit Bas Les Pailles to learn more about plastics and join the cause to reduce straw and plastic waste!