Grades of Green is thrilled to welcome our two summer interns, Caroline and Jenny!

Caroline is passionate about environmental education and stewardship. She received her bachelor’s degree in science, conservation and resource studies from UC Berkeley. Caroline has experience in social media, sales management, and tutoring children. Caroline loves to spend her free time traveling, visiting museums, and volunteering in her community. This summer Caroline will be helping Grades of Green’s marketing and program departments, where she hopes to better understand how the public responds to environmental education programs. She hopes to learn how to create appealing methods that combine form, function, aesthetics, and educational retention to lead to greener communities.

Jenny is a student at Elon University, where she is working on earning her bachelors in human service studies, and minoring in psychology, business administration and leadership studies. In addition to her rigorous school schedule, Jenny is also the Director of the Service Living and Learning Community at her school, where she oversees the freshman class in weekend service projects in the local community. Jenny is interested in learning about the relationship between the Board of Directors and the staff members in a nonprofit organization, and understanding how socio-economic factors of neighborhoods play a role in providing educational programming to students. Jenny will be working with Grades of Green’s marketing, program and outreach departments.

Welcome to the Grades of Green team Caroline and Jenny; we are so excited to have you!

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