Jane Addams Middle School in Lawndale, California launched their Trash-Free Lunch program this past month as part of their participation in this year’s Trash-Free Lunch Challenge. The program will help the school cut back on their lunchtime waste by encouraging students to recycle and compost what they can, and of course, to pack trash-free lunches.

The Trash-Free Lunch program kicked-off October 29 when Grades of Green hosted an assembly for each grade level to introduce the program and educate students on how to participate. Brent Roles, a teacher at Jane Addams, helped put together a 12 student green team, which will be assisting and educating students on the program during lunch. Another teacher, Ryan Shiroma, wrote a great blog about the effort and posted pictures, which you can read and view here.

To learn more about Grades of Green’s Trash-Free Lunch Challenge, go here.