Jefferson Leadership Academies Tackles Water Issues

Talk about sustainability in action! Jefferson Leadership Academies from Long Beach, CA has been a Grades of Green school for five years and has worked hard to protect the environment. Jefferson was a competitor in the 2013-14 Trash Free Lunch Challenge against 22 other schools in southern California to see who could be the best at reducing their lunchtime waste. With a large campus of over 900 students, their Grades of Green Team was able to to set up a waste sorting station that helped reduce their school’s waste by 60%! Jefferson’s waste sorting station separated liquid waste, leftover produce waste for composting, recycling of papers and plastics, tray stacking, landfill trash, and even had a spot to collect  unopened food to be donated. These awesome waste reduction efforts earned their Grades of Green Team the “Best Sorting System Award” during the 2013-14 Trash Free Lunch Challenge.

Even though Jefferson Leadership Academies implemented the Trash Free Lunch Challenge program nearly 5 years ago, they have kept their waste reduction program alive and plan to focus on water conservation next. Jefferson will participate in Grades of Green’s  2018 Water Campaign! This fall, they will be competing against nearly 300 Grades of Green Teams, called Campaign Teams, across the globe to research local water issues, develop an innovative solution to address a water issue, create community awareness, and participate in civic engagement!

Interested in following Jefferson Leadership Academies’ lead? Click here to learn more or to save your spot for Grades of Green’s Fall 2018 Water Campaign!