Did you know that the average American uses 80 to 100 gallons of water a day, more than any other country on Earth? Yet communities all across the country lack access to a clean, reliable water resource, global water infrastructure is outdated, and the cost of water is rising. By participating in the Gallon Challenge, you will experience firsthand what it’s like to live without access to unlimited clean water by living off of just 1 gallon of water for 24 hours. Gallon Challenge USA is a community project designed to educate and inspire people of all ages to take action to raise awareness about the domestic water crisis. The challenge will bring personal awareness to your water habits to empower you to conserve water and stand up for environmental sustainability in your community.

Challenge: Saturday, June 10 through Saturday, June 17: Pick any day out of the week to take the challenge!

Celebration of Participation: July 13 @ South Bay Cares monthly meeting in Hermosa Beach, California. Participants are invited to the South Bay Cares monthly meeting to share their experiences of the challenge. A flyer will be distributed with information on various water conservation home products.


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For more information or if you are interested in partnership, promotion, or sponsorship, please contact Alissa Stevens at alissadstevens@gmail.com or 310-200-3293