Grades of Green is honored to be participating in several panels at the Green Schools National Conference on March 27-28 and we would love for your school to join us!  The first panel will be a Zero Waste Panel, “How to empower and inspire students to strive towards zero waste.”  The second panel will be a Green Cleaning Panel, “Reduce cleaning toxins, improve environmental health.”  Within the Green Schools National Conference, there is also a Student Summit, where Grades of Green will be on hand to share their “Best practices in our schools- speed greening.”  Additionally, Grades of Green will be co-hosting a presentation at the Student Summit on “Make it happen and keep it going: tips on implementing a project that lasts.”  Grades of Green’s focus will be on teaching kids to create an action plan and how to be a strong leader.  There are, of course, lots of other panels on various subjects that your school might benefit from; you can check out all the panels here and register for the conference here.