Chicago’s Keller Gifted Center formed the “Waste Management Crew” made up of 18 6th – 8th graders to tackle waste reduction at school as part of Grades of Green’s 2019 Waste Campaign. The crew has created a goal of diverting 1000 lbs of waste from the landfill over the next 3 months. They plan to achieve this impressive project by recruiting 20 student volunteers to collect recyclables from classrooms and at lunchtime at least once a week.

The Keller Waste Management crew has started by collecting paper recyclables from classrooms, and student leaders are encouraging their peers and teachers to sort their waste into landfill and recyclable items. The Crew is also educating their school community about which items can be recycled, to make sure recyclable waste ends up in the right place.

The Waste Management Crew is currently working on creating a video of their Campaign to be considered by a panel of environmental expert judges, who will select the Waste Campaign Eco-Grant Winners in April.

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