Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Leftover School Supplies webinar recently! We’ve uploaded and embedded the full webinar video to this post.
​For the best viewing experience, click play and then expand to the full screen version!

Our Facebook Live Webinar highlighting our Leftover School Supplies Activity was one of our best yet!  We let everyone know about the importance of reusing school supplies, gave eye-opening stats on landfill waste, and shared our top five tips on implementing the activity.

Did you know that over 2 billion pencils are used each year, which requires wood from almost 100,000 trees! This statistic is crazy!!! Statistics like this demonstrate just how important reusing your school supplies really is. And, the Leftover School Supplies Activity is fun, quick, and easy to implement.

Additionally, any school that takes on the Leftover School Supplies Activity and emails their Grades of Green Advisor the number of bags of leftover school supplies they collected will get Grades of Green T-Shirts for their Green Team leader!