The radio program 5900 Wilshire is
spreading Grades of Green to the broader community! Host Tina Mica
interviewed Programs and Communications Coordinator, Emily Gee, about the
difference that Grades of Green makes in kids’ lives.

“Taking care of the
environment can seem like a daunting task,” Emily acknowledged, “but really
every little step that we’re doing is making a huge difference.” Emily, whose
sparkling and enthusiastic personality engages kids during Trash Free Lunch
Challenge assemblies and gets them excited about making a difference, has been
working with Grades of Green for four years. Things really stick with kids, she
explains, and as they get older their care for the environment gets translated
into in-depth science projects that push change to the next level. To hear more
about the successes of Grades of Green programs and how to get involved, listen
to 5900 Wilshire on 100.3 FM The
Sound on Sunday, January 13th between 7:30am and 8am. You can also
listen to it online here!