If you were at
Manhattan Beach Middle School last week, you might have caught a glimpse of the
Litter Monster on the prowl. But after looking a little closer, you would see
that it was really Grades of Green Youth Corps student Sydney Hamilton disguised
under more than 141 pieces of trash, including plastic bags, pizza boxes, empty
bottles, and even a pick-up-stix box! Sydney collected this trash herself, and
created her own monstrous costume to educate her peers about reducing litter
and participating in in-class recycling. What better way to remind students
about the prevalence of litter than to bring it up to eye-level? Keep up the
creativity Sydney!


Take a look at
the numbers! Sydney collected the following:

141 Pieces of

1 Pick-Up Stix

1 Newspaper

1 Styrofoam

2 Pizza Boxes

3 Paper Bags

3 Napkins

4 Drink

7 Paper Trays

7 Utensils

10 Bottle Caps

11 Plastic

29 Plastic

43 Wrappers