Kudos to the Malezi Community School in Nairobi, Kenya for joining Grades of Green to expand their inspiring environmental programs. Malezi’s Green Team of 20 students in the 5th and 6th grades already host a monthly community litter cleanup, collect rainwater, and have built a school garden wall. In 2015, they were awarded a certificate for participating in Sanergy’s School WASH programs, achieving their goal of improving sanitation. Malezi’s director, Andrew Matheka, has partnered with Shawn Graham, another rockstar Grades of Green teacher at Millard Extension in Omaha, to improve local water quality.

Andrew and his Green Team are taking their water conservation efforts to the next level by joining Grades of Green’s Spring 2018 Water Challenge. Their goal is to spread awareness about water conservation at school and in their community and to innovate solutions to improve local water quality.

What is the Water Challenge?

The Water Challenge is Grades of Green’s first virtual challenge program designed to inspire students across the globe to take action to conserve water at school and in their communities. Student leaders at participating schools are taking on the goals of saving water, inspiring their communities to care for the environment, and innovating solutions to local water issues. The Spring 2018 Challenge, which kicks off in January, will be open to 75 schools across the world, engaging a total of 160,000 students in water conservation and green leadership.

Want to join the Spring 2018 Water Challenge with Malezi? Register with Grades of Green here to add your school!