Introducing a New Program Advisor!


Jordan is a New Program Advisor for Grades of Green’s Global Program in the New York Office. He primarily works on engaging students in Grades of Green programs around the world and developing program content. Additionally, he makes videos and provides sustainable recipes for the Grades of Green team.


Jordan earned his degree in Environmental Studies at Skidmore College, where he developed his knowledge of agricultural politics, international affairs, economics, geology, photography, and environmental education. At Skidmore, He conducted research with Professor Nurcan Atalan-Helicke for the Urban Forestry Project. This research documented the economic and social benefits of planting trees in urban areas. Seeking to fully understand and improve food sustainability issues, he worked in the farming and restaurant industries. After cooking at Flora Street Cafe in Dallas, Jordan briefly visited Taiwan, where he discussed environmental initiatives with local students in Taipei. Later on, he used his kitchen knowledge and worked to reduce food waste in a cafe in Huashan. With his collective culinary, academic, and artistic knowledge, Jordan hopes to improve attitudes towards the environment through food, research, and film.


You can reach Jordan at