Grades of Green is proud (and grateful!) to introduce our five Fall interns that are helping Grades of Green inspire and empower kids to care for the environment, Kaytee, Neelofer and MacKenzie. To check out the amazing skills and passion they bring to Grades of Green, check out their bios below.

Kaytee is an Environmental Studies B.S./M.A. student at the University of Southern California who grew up in Pismo Beach, California. She loves to spend as much time as possible exploring the outdoors – walking, dancing, hiking, swimming – anything that lets her feel the wind rush through her fingers! She hopes to become a teacher, hopefully getting others excited about the beauty and importance of the environment, and getting her hands a bit dirty in the process.

Neelofer is a student at Cal State University Northridge pursuing her B.A. in Journalism and minor in English writing and rhetoric. Neelofer’s passion for Journalism was born upon entering her freshman year in high school when she was encouraged to join the school paper. Since then, she’s been an active participant in college newspapers, such as the Santa Monica Corsair. She has also joined the Daily Sundial as a staff writer and photographer and holds the title of Arts and Entertainment Editor. Neelofer hopes to shine light on Grades of Green through her journalistic efforts and through her experience with social media. As an intern she says she is learning more and more every day and can’t wait to see how the company grows from here!

MacKenzie is a Political Economy B.A. student at the University of Southern California. Throughout college, she’s volunteered and worked in different educational and environmental outreach organizations. She has worked at the Joint Educational Project working with LAUSD classrooms, Youth Exploring Passion, and helped found Just Food and Gardening at USC. Just Food and Gardening is an organization dedicated to promoting urban gardening and food justice in Los Angeles as well as bringing a farmer’s market to the USCcampus. MacKenzie also studied a semester abroad in France where she learned about what it means to live a zero waste, organic life. It is this experience that has inspired her to seek out an organization with a message like Grades of Green, where she hopes to learn more about spreading environmental education across the country.

Cynthia is a Psychology Major and Anthropology Minor at UCLA and is currently helping Grades of Green with its Human Resources.  Specifically, Cynthia has helped with job descriptions, salary research, intern interviews, and setting up HR systems within the company.

Lilian is a recent graduate from the University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. in Environmental Earth Science.  Lilian will be helping with Resource Development.  Specifically, Lilian will be helping to set up our Individual donor base in Salesforce and tracking donations.