Grades of Green is excited to announce our partnership with the National Charity League, Inc. Manhattan-Hermosa Chapter, a philanthropy group for 7th to 12th grade girls and their mothers.  Over the past few months, NCL Inc. has provided a tremendous amount of volunteer help at various Grades of Green outreach events, including Verte 2015, and has allowed Grades of Green to expand its reach within the community.

In July, forty NCL members attended one of two Open House workshops that took place in the Grades of Green office. The workshops introduced the attendees to the organization and provided insight into the daily operations of a nonprofit organization.  In the workshops, NCL volunteers were trained on how to educate the public about Grades of Green while helping out at Grades of Green outreach events.  Come say hi to the new NCL volunteers when you see the Grades of Green booth around your community!