7 Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Halloween

Justin Bulova | October 24, 2019

Halloween has long been known as one of the least environmentally-friendly holidays. Between countless candy wrappers, costumes made of harmful plastics, and decorations which burn a lot of energy; it can be hard to navigate a holiday which means so much to so many. Luckily, here’s Grades of Green’s Guide to an Environmentally-Friendly Hallo-green! 1. …

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Grades of Green Honored to Feature in Climate Week NYC Events

Justin Bulova | October 10, 2019

Since 2009, the end of September has become an opportunity for environmentalists all around the world to raise awareness of climate change. The United Nations Climate Change Summit is one of hundreds of annual events that take place during Climate Week, and Grades of Green was honored to host and participate in the following: MARKETPLACE …

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4 Ways to Make Your Home More Environmentally Friendly

Justin Bulova | September 19, 2019

It is undeniable that the climate of the earth is undergoing rapid change. With average temperatures soaring every year and ice caps melting, it has become a matter of grave concern for everyone. With so much effort already being made to reverse the climate change, what can we do to be more environmentally friendly? Every individual …

Student Leader at Bridgeport Elementary School
Bridgeport Elementary’s Green Team is Recognized by the Santa Clarita City Council

Rebeca Rozenbaum | August 28, 2019

Santa Clarita radio station KHTS reported on a Santa Clarita City Council Meeting in which Grades of Green’s 2019 Waste Campaign was mentioned. The article mentions the winners of Grades of Green’s grand prize, Bridgeport Elementary School, who were recognized by the Council. Student leaders from the school’s Green Team began a food rescue program in which they collected items such as …

Active Student Participants
Whitney High School Wildcats are in this Together with Compost

Rebeca Rozenbaum | August 20, 2019

What Green Team? Wildcats! Whitney High School’s Green Team was awarded a Grades of Green Eco-Grant for the 2019 Waste Campaign due to their initiative to help their community reduce waste. The Green Team, which had previously been part of Grades of Green’s Water Campaign, was faced with the challenge of reducing the food waste in their school. After brainstorming, the student …

Bridgeport Elementary School assembly
Grand Prize Winners Bridgeport Elementary School Continue to Roll

Rebeca Rozenbaum | August 14, 2019

Bridgeport Elementary School’s2019 Grades of Green Waste Campaign went swimmingly. The Grand Prize Winners, earned an Eco-Grant to expand their sustainability initiatives. Student leaders from the school’s Green Team began a food rescue program in which they collected items such as apples, bananas, oranges, unopened water bottles, and pre-packed snacks every two days that were delivered …

Things for Good – July 2019

gogadmin | July 19, 2019

Jump into Summer with Green News!

Below the Fold
Grades of Green Shares Student Success Stories on Below the Fold

Justin Bulova | July 16, 2019

Last week, Below the Fold host Kristin Brey invited Grades of Green to speak about student sustainability success stories. Communications Associate Justin Bulova shares about Grades of Green’s history, mission, and campaigns. Click here to listen to the full interview. Several eco-leaders were mentioned throughout the interview, such as Deep Creek Middle School, from Chesapeake, VA. Chesapeake Middle School’s Green …

Nicole holding her award
Meet Nicole From the California Academy of Mathematics and Science

Justin Bulova | July 9, 2019

Today we’d like to introduce you to Nicole, from Long Beach, California. She is a Senior at California Academy of Mathematics and Science, where the Human, Environmental, and Animal Rights Club participated in our 2019 Waste Campaign. Welcome Nicole, thank you so much for sharing your Waste Campaign experience with us! To begin, we would love to …

Grades of Green Rockstars Graduate!

Jordan Chang | July 1, 2019

Long Time Eco-Participants GraduateThe South Bay Team’s Isaiah and Gerard have participated in Grades of Green programs for the past 4 years. The two eco-leaders have partaken in Youth Corps challenges, Trash Free Lunches, and most recently, the 2019 Waste Campaign. The two have graduated from high school and plan to continue their environmental work …

Pesto in a bowl
Go Green with Pesto

Jordan Chang | June 20, 2019

Cool Off with Green PestoWant to go green with a delicious recipe? Want to cool off during the hot summer months? If so, try out this unique pesto recipe! This pesto sauce can be spread on sandwiches, poured onto veggies for cool salads, or stirred into cooked linguine pasta for a special occasion. Traditional pestos …

Group photo of team members
Whitney High School’s Green Team, Grades of Green, Featured in Voyage LA

Justin Bulova | June 18, 2019

Justin Bulova has been with the Grades of Green team for about one year now, previously having worked with elected officials and aspiring candidates. His passion for community service and civic engagement have been a welcomed addition to our Grades of Green Team. “Working with student leaders to protect our environment, to make a positive impact on …

Student leaders holding their awards
Over 100 Student Leaders Present their Sustainability Solutions at Impact-a-thon

Justin Bulova | June 14, 2019

On June 2nd, Subaru Pacific in Hawthorne, California opened their doors to recognize student leaders throughout California and around the globe. 12 Campaign Teams attended in person, and another 8 participated virtually from as far as Rome and Indonesia. Over 100 student leaders shared their sustainability solutions with the community, local elected officials, and media. The Grades of Green Youth …

Impact-a-thon a Success

Jordan Chang | June 3, 2019

Grades of Green’s Impact-a-thon at Subaru Pacific was a success! Students that participated in past Grades of Green Campaigns gathered to share their findings and solutions to not only celebrate their efforts but to teach others how to engage in environmentally friendly actions. Teams focused on addressing waste and water issues by partaking in methods …

Columbus Tustin Middle School Presents: Climate Solutions Summit

Justin Bulova | May 28, 2019

On May 14th, winners of the 2018 Water Campaign, Columbus Tustin Middle School held their second annual Climate Solution Summit. Hosted at their middle school campus in Tustin, California, over 200 local students participated in the event – which was attended by the Mayor of Tustin, Charles Puckett, the Mayor Pro Term, and several School …