We can’t recycle out of the problem…Reduce your use! 

Did you know that 8 million metric tons of plastic enters the ocean each year? This equals one trash truck dumping its load of plastic into the ocean every minute of every day.

Rylee Goldfarb, a 10th-grade student from Redondo Beach is passionate about creating a healthier world and is partnering with the creators of The Story of Plastic for the Redondo Reducers Club’s Reduce Your Use Campaign. The panel discussion will dive deep into the most pressing issues around plastic pollution and reflect on the themes of the award-winning documentary.

Register for our panel discussion and get the opportunity to see this groundbreaking documentary for free!

Event Details:

  • March 17 – April 1: Watch The Story of Plastic for FREE by registering for the Panel
  • April 1, 7 PM PST: Join the virtual Plastic Pollution Solutions Panel and hear from industry leaders and environmental professionals tackling plastic pollution

About The Story of Plastic: The Story of Plastic is a searing expose revealing the ugly truth behind plastic pollution and the false solution of plastic recycling. From the extraction of fossil fuels and plastic disposal to the global resistance fighting back, The Story of Plastic is a life-changing film depicting one of the world’s most pressing environmental issues.

Watch The Story of Plastic trailer here!

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