ACR 160 is proof that indeed one student CAN make a difference! A huge congratulations to Grades of Green Youth Corps student Antonio on the official passing of a state-wide resolution in support of No Idle Zones! After championing Grades of Green’s No Idle Zone Activity at his school in Long Beach and working with partnering organizations and Assemblymember David Hadley, the state-wide resolution he inspired has been passed by the California Senate!

Are you interested in implementing a No Idle Zone at your school? First, register on our website here to unlock some helpful resources. Then, check out Grades of Green’s step-by-step instructions for the Activity, including downloadable resources like a No Idle Zone bannerAntonio’s Top 8 Facts about No Idle ZonesEarth Tipsresearch about the harms of idling, and more!


Three years ago, Antonio implemented Grades of Green’s No Idle Zone Activity at his middle school. He became so passionate about air quality that he continued working on No Idle Zones as his Grades of Green Project while in high school. Grades of Green introduced Antonio to Assemblymember David Hadley, the Clean Air Coalition and the South Coast Air Quality Management District, who were inspired by Antonio’s passion to decrease carbon emissions and improve the health of school-aged students. Assemblymember Hadley then authored a resolution (ACR 160) to encourage schools across the state of California to implement No Idles Zones around campus.

Antonio isn’t the only Grades of Green student who has implemented the No Idle Zone Activity at his school. Students at Robinson Elementary School in Manhattan Beach held a No Idle Zone Rally in February where they handed out “good tickets” to parents who turned off their engines while waiting in the pick-up line after school. This effort again caught the attention of Assemblymember David Hadley and on June 7th, he attended the school to give an assembly.

Now entering the 11th grade, Antonio has made a lasting impact on students across the state of California. He went to Sacramento on June 23rd to see the resolution pass unanimously on the State Assembly Floor, and on August 1st, ACR 160 passed on the State Senate floor to become an official statewide resolution.

Thank you to Assemblymember David Hadley, Coalition for Clean Air and South Coast Air Quality Management District for the support! Check out Antonio and ACR 160 featured in David Hadley’s June 2016 Newsletter here!
No Idle Zones encourage parents to turn off the car engine while waiting in school pick-up lines. This ultimately decreases emissions and improves air quality, leading to a healthier school environment for students.