Grades of Green is looking for a Trash Free Lunch Challenge Program Coordinator for the fifth annual Trash Free Lunch Challenge. The Trash Free Lunch Challenge Program Coordinator (TFLC PC) supports Trash Free Lunch Challenge Program Managers in managing schools that participate in the Challenge. The TFLC PC will also be an assembly presenter for 10 assemblies. The job will take place between July 2015 and May 2016, with the potential for an extension. The TFLC PC will work an average of 10 hours each week between August and November as well as March and April, and 5 hours each week in July, and between December and February. The schedule is fairly flexible. The TFLC PC reports to the TFLC Senior Program Manager and the assigned Program Managers.

Read the complete job listing here.

This is a part time, independent contractor position. Applications are due on July 31, 2015. Please send your resume and cover letter to with “TFLC Coordinator” and your name in the subject line.