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2022-2023 Impact Report

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Executive Summary

Grades of Green’s innovative pathway of programming fully supports students of all ages and backgrounds worldwide on their journey to become passionate environmental leaders of the future.

Grades of Green’s 5 programs are free for students, teachers, schools, districts and parents with the following objectives:

  • Provide accessible, engaging, educational and impactful environmental project-based programs for students in every grade level
  • Develop and implement programs to be scalable, sustainable, equitable and measurable
  • Build and empower environmental changemakers and leaders to initiate and inspire local communities to make long-lasting impacts
  • Bring students from around the globe together to work toward transformative solutions
  • Award Eco-Grants to expand students’ ongoing impact
  • Recognize hardworking educators with much-deserved stipends

2022-2023 Metric Reports

Press & Media

Community Members Reached

Students Reached
Waste Diverted (lbs)
Waste Collected (lbs)
Food Waste Diverted (lbs)
Water Saved (gallons)
Trees Planted (unit)
Land Preserved (acres)
CO2 Diverted (lbs)
CO2 Sequestered (lbs)

Student Stories


Grades of Green’s partnership with the Inglewood Unified School District’s (IUSD) Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program brings together students from multiple schools to collaborate on projects addressing environmental issues in their community. Throughout the school year, students from ten different schools utilized the Trash Free Lunch, Campus Food Rescue, and Lunch Time Sorting LAUNCH Eco-Toolkits to assist their schools in addressing California’s Organics Bill (SB 1383). On June 3, 2023, IUSD held their annual GATE Academy Culmination Event, where students from 1st to 12th grade presented the environmental projects they have been working on throughout the school year. Thanks to the generosity of John Umekubo and his wife Katya De los Rios, co-founders of LumenSparQ, we were able to exclusively reward a $1,000 grant to Oak Street Elementary for their Lunchtime Sorting Project.

“Things that we liked about Grades of Green Programs’ was the teamwork that was involved and getting to understand where we should put our food”


Rosewood STEM Magnet of Urban Planning and Urban Design completed four LAUNCH Eco-Lessons this year including “How to Form a Green Team”, “Campus Composting”, “Classroom Recycling”, and “Earth Week Daily Activities.”

“It is a great introduction lesson for students to collaborate, especially at the beginning of the year. I introduce all programs to students so they can start the team and a specific project at the same time. This way, they explored various ideas with the team members and shared ideas between groups.”


Nkeng Joel from Buea, Cameroon led the way for Earth Month with an impressive initiative. This year, Nkeng is spearheading a community clean-up at Downbeach in Limbe, Cameroon. Not only did he collect waste, but Nkeng and his team utilized waste to create eco-bricks, which were then used to construct schools in their community. Nkeng formed partnerships, wrote letters to the local delegation, hosted webinars, and even conducted a media tour across Buea to raise awareness. As a result of his hard work, his project has garnered significant attention, being featured in local press, television, and various media outlets.

“We were able to connect with hundreds of students and make them feel passionate about climate issues. Hearing young students talk about climate issues brought a smile to all of our faces, and seeing them enthusiastic about helping out with composting was even better.”


SOAR Eco-Innovation Academy is a forward-thinking program that empowers high school students to lead with an environmental mindset. Throughout SOAR, students will have the opportunity to realize their environmental potential by exploring a variety of industries and learning about sustainable practices from corporations, organizations, and civic entities. With mentorship from Grades of Green staff and corporate partners, students collaborate on developing better environmental standards for industries today and for generations to come. By participating in SOAR Eco-Innovation Academy, students emerge from the program with a comprehensive understanding of global environmental issues through a corporate lens. This experience prepares students to enter college or the workforce with diverse, sustainable, and innovative perspectives.

“The SOAR program was a great learning opportunity and experience. I became very aware of the environmental issues within our world and became familiar with the possible solutions that could increase our overall sustainability.”


UNITE was extra special this year. After discovering that the founder of the Sahel International Support Foundation in Nigeria, Isaac Komolafe, would be visiting Mary Bragg Elementary in Cerritos, the school organized a ceremony to present the $5,488 the students had raised throughout the year.  The funds raised will be utilized to purchase desks, chairs, and other supplies for their sister school in Nigeria, enhancing accessibility to education. As a gesture of appreciation, the Mary Bragg students dedicated a tree in Isaac’s name, which will live at the front of the campus for years to come.

“Something I would like to do next semester is become a green team leader. I would love to lead projects and get my own team to do a fundraiser, earn money, donate, and make funds to purchase things for our friends in Nigeria. Cause I love the idea of helping people. It would give me such a good feeling.”

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