This coming Earth Day, April 20th, Grades of Green will celebrate one DECADE of environmental mentorship, and we look forward to sharing it with you, the people who made it possible.

The annual VERTE gala is a time to recognize the accomplishments of our hard-working Eco-Leaders, all around the globe, and ensure that they have the tools necessary to lead their generation to a brighter, more sustainable, future.

This year, as a special ‘Thank You’ to all our generous donors, we have several surprises in store to make VERTE 2019 an event you’ll never forget. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled, because if you blink you may miss it.

Attention Artist Luke Brady

VERTE 2019’s cocktail hour will have some truly unique experiences this year, including magical moments with Attention Artist, Luke Brady! Known for creating mind-bending experiences with his audience, Luke is an expert in making people say “WOW”.

Blending in with the audience, Brady leaves on-lookers asking, ‘how did he do that?” Using props and hypnosis to challenge your perceptions, Luke Brady will leave your jaw on the floor and you asking for more.
Brady’s audience has described him as an “unbelievable talent.” They have gone on to say, “Luke was magnificent. He kept our guests entertained and amazed at the phenomenal things he did. He is talented, personable, and truly delightful.”

You will not want to miss all that he has prepared for VERTE 2019!

We look forward to celebrating with you, on April 20th at the Westdrift Hotel. Tickets to VERTE 2019, including the cocktail hour with Luke Brady and the Global Tasting Menu by Chef Sabado, are available here.