Program Pathway

Grades of Green is dedicated to providing free environmental programs and resources to schools to educate, empower, and inspire students to take action and achieve long lasting environmental change in their communities. Across all of our environmental programs, Grades of Green aims to:

Provide accessible, engaging, educational, and impactful environmental project-based programs for students in every grade level
Develop and implement programs that are scalable, sustainable, equitable, and measurable at every school
Build and empower environmental changemakers and leaders to inspire local communities to make long-lasting impacts
students using unite guidebook
Bring students around the globe together to work towards transformative environmental solutions while nurturing leadership skills

Benefits of Our Program Pathway

Positive Impact

Make a positive environmental impact in their communities and globally

Student Development

Allow students to develop leadership, project management, and community building skills

Earn Experience

Earn community service hours, gain college application experience, and achieve environmental goals


Receive one on one support from our expert stafff


Earn grants and educator stipends to expand students' projects

Global Network

Connect with students, teachers, and schools around the glove working towards a sustainable future

Our Programs

LAUNCH Eco-Lessons

Incorporate over 40 ready-made, step by step lessons and printable resources into your class, club, or after-school program. All lessons align with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), offer leadership skills, and Social Emotional Learning.

Who is LAUNCH For?
  • K-12th Educators who want to lead a class or group of students
  • K-12th Students who want to lead a project
  • Schools and districts who want to achieve environmental goals

RISE Climate Solutions Campaign

The RISE Climate Solutions Campaign is a school-year long program where student teams create their own eco-project with their Grades of Green advisor that addresses a climate topic to advocate measurable change in their community.

Who is RISE For?
  • 6th-12th grade students who want to create their own project
  • 6th-12th grade educators who want to lead a group of students
  • Clubs, after school groups, or friends in a community

SOAR Eco-Innovation Academy

The SOAR Eco-Innovation Academy brings together a diverse group of local high school students who are passionate about the environment and work with a variety of industries to learn about innovative sustainability practices within them.

Who is SOAR For?
  • High School students based in Southern California

UNITE International Sister-School Program

The UNITE Global School Network is an international subgroup of LAUNCH and RISE which connects schools across a global network of environmentally minded youth to focus on environmental, cultural, and humanitarian projects in their community.

Who is UNITE For?
  • 6th-12th grade students who want to create their own project
  • 6th-12th grade educators who want to lead a group of students
  • International organizations

UPLIFT School District Partnership

The UPLIFT School District Partnerships program supports school district leaders in deploying environmental programming centering Grades of Green’s program matching, regional resource collection to support these programs, and updates on program status throughout the year.

Who is UPLIFT For?
  • District Personnel
  • Principals
  • Educators/PTAs/Site Collaborators