LAUNCH Eco-Lessons

What is LAUNCH?

Grades of Green’s LAUNCH Eco-Lessons program provides fun and interactive step-by-step eco-lessons for K-12th students. By using LAUNCH Eco-Lessons, students will grow their environmental knowledge to take action on alleviating the Climate Crisis. LAUNCH is FREE for all students, teachers, and parents around the globe!

Find Your LAUNCH Eco-Lessons

K-5th Grade

6th-12th Grade

Why Should You Use LAUNCH Eco-Lessons?

Flight Ready Projects

By participating in our LAUNCH Eco-Lessons program, you will be able to use over 50 ready made environmental projects that you can implement at any time with your students.

Meet Learning Objectives

Each lesson includes specific learning objectives and alignment with NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards).

Educator Stipends

Use these lesson with students and learn how to earn a stipend!

Eco Projects
Ready to Implement

By participating in our LAUNCH program, you will be able to use over 50 step-by-step environmental projects that you can implement at any time.

Build Leadership Skills

In addition to creating impactful change, our lessons teach lifelong leadership and project building skills.

Gain Experience for College Credits

Leadership experience gained through community project outreach provides participants with real world experience that help build college resumes and obtain service hours.

Who is LAUNCH for?


  • Kindergarten–12th Grade educators who want to support students to lead an environmental project
  • Educators who want to make a positive impact on the environment with flexible timelines
  • Educators who want to supplement their curriculum with project based learning


  • Green Teams at a school or in the community who want to lead a project
  • K-12th grade students who want to make an environmental impact in their school and community
  • Students who want to earn service hours and build a college resume