LAUNCH Eco-Lessons:
Student Led

What is LAUNCH Lessons for Students?

Grades of Green’s LAUNCH lessons program for students provides fun and interactive step-by-step Eco-Lessons for K-12th grade students. Our Eco-Lessons give students the tools needed to make an everlasting environmental impact to reduce the climate crisis. The Eco-Lessons below are primarily written for 6th-12th, however, we welcome all age groups and grade levels to participate.

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Why Should You Use LAUNCH Eco-Lessons?

Help Your Community

Earn Service Hours

Gain Experience

Projects for Clubs

Students Will be Able To:

  • Take Action on an issue you are passionate about
  • Gain community service hours
  • Build experience for college applications
  • Use as a project for a school club or class activity

Leaf Certificate Program

Students can earn a LAUNCH certificates by collecting leaves. Look for the Eco-Level indicated by the number of leaves on each lesson!

  • Bronze🥉- 7 leaves
  • Silver 🥈- 10 leaves 
  • Gold🥇- 15 leaves
  • Green 🌱- 20 leaves – must include a “series”

Who Can Participate?

Independent Students

Groups of Students

Extra Curricular Groups

Student Clubs

When and Where Can Students Use LAUNCH?

Every LAUNCH lesson can be started at any time of the year between August 1st through June 15th! Each lesson has suggested timelines to complete the activity in addition to options on how to continue your project as an ongoing project. 

LAUNCH eco-lesson can be implemented in:


After School Programs



How to Get Started?

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Pick Lesson(s)
Pick one or more lessons to complete with your class/group on our website.
Sign Up
Register your group and start using the Eco-Lesson(s)
Create a Grades of Green Account
After signing up, a link will be emailed to you to create an account on this site.
Start Your Project
Use the step-by-step instructions on our online lessons to implement your project
Report & Update
Submit your results on the provided wrap-up form provided in your Eco-Lesson by June 15