RISE Climate Solutions Campaign

What is RISE?

The RISE Climate Solutions Campaign is a school year long program that guides middle school and high school students to build impactful projects that create climate solutions in their communities. Working alone or in a team, you will be paired with a Grades of Green advisor who will lead you to learn about the climate crisis and carry out an impactful project that meets an environmental need in your school or community.

Why Should You Join the RISE Climate Solutions Campaign?

Lead Impactful Community Change
RISE projects result in solutions to local environmental problems that will positively impact your community for many years to come.
Build Leadership Skills
In addition to creating impactful change, our 4 phase online guidebook modules teach lifelong leadership and project building skills.
Gain Experience for College Resumes
Leadership experience gained through project outreach provides participants with real world experience that help build college resumes.
RISE Climate Solutions Campaign students with Senator Ben Allen
Compete for Eco Grants
Eco-grant prizes provide funding fo teams to further their environmental solutions. For more information about Eco-Grants, click here!

Who is RISE for?

  • 6th-12th students who want to make an environmental impact in their community
  • Green Teams at a school or in the community who want to carry out an environmental project
  • Teachers who want to support individual or group student projects across an entire school-year.

When and Where Can You Participate in RISE?

RISE is a school year long campaign that takes place from September-May! Teams from around the globe will be able to pick a project, create a plan, and implement their project over the course of a school year. RISE can be used in:


After School Programs

At Home

How Will You Make An Impact?

Still have questions? Fill out our interest form and one of our advisors can help!

Sign Up
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Phase 1: Learn
  • Explore climate crisis topics
  • Learn about environmental justice
  • Choose a project and establish goals
Phase 2: Plan
  • Choose your project type and identify target audiences
  • Create key messages
  • Choose platforms
  • Create a task list
Phase 3: Take Action
  • Carry out your project task list
  • Document your progress
  • Report your impact
Phase 4: Celebrate
Measure your environmental impacts and celebrate your success!

Interested in Joining RISE?

Click the button below to register for the RISE Climate Solutions Campaign! Still have questions? Contact glenna@gradesofgreen.org.

Climate Solutions Campaign Winners

We’re thrilled to share the winners of past campaigns! Learn more about the student teams who won Eco-Grants for their incredible environmental impact and those honored for their amazing efforts. You can also relive the fun by watching a recording of our live virtual announcement event!