RISE Guidebook:
Phase 4

Phase 4.1 – Celebrate Your Success

Congratulations on making it to the final Phase of your Climate Solutions Campaign!

You have completed your project and reported on your metrics, now it’s time to celebrate your success. In order to share your success with Grades of Green and be eligible for an eco-grant award, please answer the questions in the Phase 4 form to give a detailed narrative, description of your project.

Please note, this will be evaluated by a panel of environmental experts to help determine eco-grant awards. Write your answers as though the reader has no background information about your project. Be thorough and descriptive and include everything you want the judges to know about your project. Include all of the key actions that your team took to reach your audience and achieve your goals.

Congratulations for finishing the Climate Solution Campaign!
Now it’s time to hear from the judges!