SOAR Eco-Innovation Academy

What is SOAR?

The SOAR Eco-Innovation Academy is a collaborative, hands-on program that empowers motivated high school students to learn and lead environmental progress in today’s top industries. Students realize environmental potential by working directly with a variety of businesses and their leaders to learn about sustainability issues and develop real world solutions. With mentorship and guidance, students and businesses will collaborate to develop better environmental standards for industries today and for generations to come.

Why Should You Join SOAR?

Partner with organizations to solve real-world issues
You will collaborate with peers, business leaders, and mentors to develop and present an impactful sustainability plan
Prepare for college or the workforce
You will explore diverse industries, network with corporate leaders, and learn how to turn your interests into a career
Benefits of the SOAR Eco-Innovation Academy
You will receive a certificate, internship opportunities, scholarships, and recommendation letters
find your school impact
Become a conscious environmental leader
You will gain practical skills and experience towards a career in sustainability
Engage in experiential learning and facilitate systematic change
You will learn about existing sustainable practices in a variety of industries

When and Where Will SOAR Take Place?

soar guidebook being used by students
Industry Tours
soar partners working with students
Sustainability Plans
SOAR Sustainathon

How will SOAR Students Make an Impact?

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Learn about the environmental impacts and challenges of today’s leading industries. Use our online guidebook and resources to explore the effects of various industries including how they affect the environment.
  • Tour corporations within these industries to learn first-hand about their environmental progress and obstacles
  • Meet and network with corporate leaders
  • See innovative companies in action
  • Work in a small group to develop an eco-plan to improve sustainability within one corporation or their wider industry
  • Create innovative solutions to real world problems
  • Collaborate with fellow SOAR students, Grades of Green staff, and corporation partners
Present you plan at our annual Sustain-a-thon event to celebrate your work and showcase your innovative solution to businesses.

This Year's SOAR Partners

Subaru Pacific

LA County Sanitation District

Northrop Grumman

Eco by Ry

Beyond Meat

Interested in Joining Soar?

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Past SOAR Partners