UNITE Global Sister School Network

What is UNITE?

The Grades of Green UNITE Sister School Network equips youth to solve difficult environmental issues and change the course of our future by becoming global leaders. Students develop international relationships by engaging in environmental education, cultural awareness, and collaborative projects that promote sustainable practices.

Why Should You Join the UNITE Global Sister School Network?

Make a positive environmental impact in their communities and globally through international partnerships.
Learn about cultural differences and similarities worldwide through activities, meetings, and project interests.
Develop humanitarian values that nurture empathy and environmental respect of communities around the globe.

Who is UNITE For?

6th-12th Grade Students

6th-12th grade students who want to meet new people around the world.


Teachers who want to add environmental, cultural, or humanitarian values into their lesson plans.


LAUNCH and RISE teams who want to add grow their reach beyond their local community.

When and Where Can You Participate in UNITE?

The UNITE Global Sister School Network  is a school year-long campaign that takes place from September to May! UNITE can be used in:


After-school Programs

At Home

How will you UNITE with Global Eco-Leaders?

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Learn: Environment
Learn and share about the environment around you towards a collaborative eco-project
Share pictures, videos, and host live meetings to meet your sister school across the globe

Past UNITE Schools

UNITE Partners

This Little Light Africa

This Little Light Africa

TLLA is a non-profit corporation that focuses on four areas of support to the underserved in Africa: Water and food, health, education and job creation, and clean energy.
Learn More

Sahel International Support Foundation

Sahel International Support Foundation

SISF is a non-profit organization that promotes and supports healthcare, agriculture, education, clean energy, clean water, and environmental programs in the Sahel region of Africa.
Learn More

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