UPLIFT School District Partnerships

What is the UPLIFT?

The UPLIFT School District Partnership Program helps school communities reach sustainability goals by working with Grades of Green staff to provide environmental programs and resources. Grades of Green will work with districts to help implement sustainability efforts through our pathway of programs by supporting teachers, after school coordinators, student clubs, custodians, and more!

Why Should School Districts Use UPLIFT?

Grades of Green consults school personnel to help identify a plan that suits campus needs!
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UPLIFT provides options for specific district goals and creates a plan into one report that can be shared across all schools!
Districts can supplement G.A.T.E. programs, add an environmental E.L.O.P. program, or add efforts to support SB 1383 mandatory organic waste diversion
rise eco grants for students
Activate your school community to support your district’s environmental education and sustainability goals.
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Grades of Green’s NGSS aligned programs allow teachers to use resources in the classroom.
Grades of Green helps to keep track of sustainability metrics for reporting.

Who is UPLIFT School District Partnerships for?

Grades of Green will work directly with district personnel to identify sustainability goals, create a customized report on how to implement your goals, and work directly with your schools to make an impact in your community!

Grades of Green works with school principals by attending campus’ principals meetings and providing resources for environmental education and sustainability.

UPLIFT can recommend and implement programs to educators, schools PTAs, or community based organizations to address sustainability goals in the classroom or school community!

When and Where Can
UPLIFT Be Implemented?

UPLIFT can be implemented across an entire school district or individual schools at any time! Grades of Green works with districts year-round to identify district goals, implement programs, and track district progress.


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How can you make an impact?

Still have questions? Fill out our interest form and one of our advisors can help!​

Step 1
Watch the UPLIFT Program Explainer Video
Step 2
Complete our registration form to schedule a meeting with one of our advisors
Step 3
Take the UPLIFT Survey sent by your UPLIFT Advisor.
Step 4
Get an UPLIFT Report, go over it with your UPLIFT Advisor.
Step 5
Implement your Grades of Green programs facilitated by your on-site Eco-Leaders.

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