Grades of Green, a cool environmental education program, was launched on Earth Day and is already getting attention from schools nationwide. It is a non-profit whose mission is to inspire and empower students and the broader school community to care for the environment. Best of all, it’s free to schools! Grades of Green envisions a world where environmental protection is second-nature in children. The web-based program covers all aspects of environmental stewardship including trash, electricity, water, paper, chemical, and emissions reductions, as well as empowering kids to utilize what they have learned in their school communities about environmental sustainability to make a global impact. Grades of Green’s flagship programs like Trash Free Tuesdays and Walk to School Wednesdays have a proven tract record to get children, parents, staff, district personnel, city administrators and policy makers to “rethink ” the way they do things and become inspired to help our planet. The programs have brought together communities and saved schools money through their green efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle. Go to the website You’ll find five main initiatives with over forty tools and activities. Each of these contains specific step-by-step instructions for the tool or activity, including photos, video clips, helpful products and artwork to provide the school with immediate start-up capability. In addition, pertinent statistics are provided to educate and motivate volunteers to take action. Grades of Green received the prestigious EPA Environmental Award and was featured on the PBS TV Show Curiosity Quest Goes Green. EMA Board Member Kevin Reilly and EMA President Debbie Levin both sit on their Board of Directors.