Are you an elementary school, middle school, or K-8 school located in the greater Los Angeles area? Are you interested in launching a waste reduction program at your school? Good news – Grades of Green is recruiting for its 7th Annual Trash Free Lunch Challenge to inspire and empower students and school communities to be trash-free! By registering your school to participate in this free program in the upcoming school year, students will learn waste reduction habits they will carry with them for a lifetime, such as how to reduce, reuse and recycle. Schools near you have competed in the Challenge in previous years – and accomplished some great feats like:

– Inspiring and empowering entire school communities of over 500+ students to care for the environment
– Diverting an average of 72% of school lunchtime waste
– Saving thousands of dollars on waste hauler pick-ups for their schools
– Creating a community-wide environmental movement


If you’re interested in being one of only 25 schools selected to compete in Grades of Green’s 2017-2018 Trash Free Lunch Challenge, please email us or call us at 310-607-0175 to learn more about the program and to reserve your spot today! By participating in this program, your school will receive a personal Grades of Green Advisor, an eco-starter kit worth $1,000 in prizes, an educational assembly hosted by Grades of Green, and a chance to compete for a $1,000 science grant. To ensure your efforts in the Challenge will be sustainable at your school for years to come, Grades of Green also offers year-after-year guidance for the 2018-2019 school year and beyond!

Want to learn more? Click here to watch a quick video about the Trash Free Lunch Challenge.