Welcome to the first of a two part series where we highlight companies who are helping make the world a greener place. This week we want to turn your attention to TreeRing and ForestNation. Both companies offer products and services that are environmentally friendly and have initiatives that are committed to protecting and planting more trees.

TreeRing – Receiving a yearbook and being able to preserve your memories are some of the best parts about attending grade school. While great mementos, school yearbooks actually use and waste a lot of paper in their production. Thankfully there are companies like TreeRing that aim to reduce all of the unnecessary paper waste from yearbooks. They only produce as many books that are ordered, ensuring that no extra waste occurs during production. This environmentally friendly company also pledges to plant a tree for every yearbook purchased! TreeRing has already planted 1,381,776 trees so far. When it’s time for your yearbook committee to decide on yearbooks this year, look no further than TreeRing.

ForestNation – Think your school could use more trees, but not sure where to get started? That’s where ForestNation can help! ForestNation offers customized tree-growing kits that you can use to increase the amount of green space at your school. The kits are a fantastic opportunity to teach students about planting and maintaining trees and the benefits they provide to the planet and our well-being. The kits are designed using sustainable materials like biodegradable cups and lids and ForestNation only sends seeds that are best suited for your climate. If you decide to plant a tree in your school community, ForestNation will plant a matching tree in a developing country. So what are you waiting for? Visit ForestNation now and start growing!