Grades of Green is excited to share the 2019 Waste Campaign Final Report, which highlights the program’s objectives, outcomes, student stories and media coverage.

Read the full 2019 Waste Campaign Final Report here to learn more!

The inaugural 2019 Waste Campaign was launched in January 2019 and provided environmental leadership tools and mentorship to 879 student leaders across the globe. By participating in the Waste Campaign, students educated over 25,000 community members, peers, and government officials about waste issues specific to their area. Grades of Green empowered 80 Campaign Teams of students and educators from 42 cities and 11 countries to research their local waste issues, develop a solution to an issue, and then share that solution and a call to action with the community to result in real-world change. All Campaign Teams were paired with a Grades of Green Mentor to receive customized support for their Campaign project including virtual meetings, weekly email check-ins, and expert guidance to keep students on track and engaged in the Campaign. Campaign Teams also had the opportunity to partner with another team globally to share ideas and learn from each other.
Through the Waste Campaign, students received comprehensive waste reduction resources, including hands-on activities that complement NGSS and 21st Century Learning Standards, webinars featuring experts to inspire their projects, and a virtual discussion platform to connect with student leaders across the globe. By implementing the Waste Campaign, Campaign Teams collectively diverted more than 114.6 tons of waste from landfills, resulting in 4.6 million KWH of energy, 800,000 gallons of water, and 43,000 gallons of oil conserved, as well as 45,000 tons of CO2 reduced. These numbers will continue to grow as many Campaign Teams are continuing to expand on their waste reduction projects.

None of this would be possible without the generous support from our sponsors:

  • Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County
  • Los Angeles County 4th District
  • Kings Care Foundation
  • Southern California Edison
  • Long Beach Community Foundation
  • Los Angeles County 3rd District
  • Carton Council
  • Johnson Ohana Foundation