2020 Waste Campaign – Deadline Extended Due to Coronavirus

About our RISE Campaigns

Each semester, Grades of Green offers students the opportunity to lead an environmental campaign that’ll change their community for the greener! First launched in 2017, Grades of Green’s Water and Waste Campaigns are 4-month long competitions in which student leaders work closely with Grades of Green’s expert advisors to develop sustainable solutions to local environmental issues. Student teams of three or more compete with teams across the world for Eco-Grants valued up to $1,000 to expand upon their initiatives and are awarded based upon their impact as judged by a panel of environmental experts.

The student eco-leaders follow a four-phase progression in which they research local environmental issues, brainstorm sustainable solutions, choose and take an eco-action in their daily lives, and finally complete a civic engagement component involving the community. Student teams are also provided the opportunity to connect with other Grades of Green students around the world to collaborate on each others’ project and learn from one another.

Students are encouraged to follow their interests and discover how their interests connect with the environment. Grades of Green’s Advisors meet with their teams regularly to help eco-leaders navigate the campaign and provide personal guidance, support and coaching. In addition, our staff interviews professors, industry leaders, and environmental advocates to provide inspiration and guidance to every team via an informative video series tailored to each campaign phase.

Any student team from around the world is welcome to register! Sign up below and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly!