Phase 1 Inforgraphic

It’s time to learn about the Climate Crisis! In Phase 1, your team will explore 5 key topics that contribute to climate change and choose one that you want to address. You’ll also learn about environmental justice and how different communities are affected differently when it comes to the climate crisis. Next you’ll choose a project to solve a problem around your chosen topic and set a goal to make maximum impact in your community.

What’s at Stake?

Watch this video from our favorite scientist, Bill Nye to learn how and why our climate is changing and what’s at stake.

Pick Your Topic

Now explore the 5 different topics that contribute to climate change caused by human behavior. Click through the topic icons below to learn about each topic, explore project ideas, and find resources to help you build your project. As you explore the topics think about: 

  • Which topic impacts your school the most
  • Which topic impacts your community the most 
  • Which topics do you have interest in

By the end of Phase 1.1, you will choose one of these topics to focus on as the foundation for your climate solution project.

Once you have chosen your topic, enter your shared Google folder and locate the Phase 1 Forms worksheet located in the Phase 1 folder. Complete the questions under the Phase 1.1 section.

NEXT STEP: Learn About Environmental Justice

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