Find an Expert to Level Up Your Campaign

So far, you have chosen your topic and solution, explored some possible project ideas, and learned about campaign types. The next step is to reach out to local experts with experience in your topic. They can provide insight into how your topic impacts your community and which projects would be most needed. These are some experts to think about contacting. Remember, you can always reach out to your team’s Grades of Green Advisor for more ideas.

In Your School 

  • Superintendent or Principal 
  • Head of Nutritional Service 
  • Head of Maintenance and Operations
  • Teacher 

In Your Community 

  • City Council or Mayor 
  • Public Works 
  • Environmental or Sustainability Manager 
  • Advocacy group 

In the Business Sector 

  • Non-Profit Executive Director 
  • Company President or CEO
  • Business Manager 
  • Chamber of Commerce 
  • Restaurant Owner

Finding an Expert

Not sure how to pinpoint exactly what kind of expert to reach out to? Below are a few helpful tips on what type(s) of expert you should contact!

In your School...

  • Thinking about a project centered at school and unsure how to make it happen?
    • Contact your principal or superintendent.
  • Considering a project centered around food or waste at your school?
    • Contact your school’s head of maintenance and operations or district’s nutritional service
  • Interested in educating your fellow classmates about your project?
    • Contact your teacher, principal, or department head

In your Community…

  • Need support and advice from the community to launching your climate project?
    • Contact an advocacy group, environmental lawyer, or academic.
  • Looking to see a physical change somewhere in your city?
    • Contact a local city council member or public works officer.
  • Seeking legislation change by passing an ordinance within your city?
    • Contact your city council member, Mayorsustainability manager, or advocacy group
  • Pursuing a city-wide educational campaign or contest?
    • Contact your local city council member or sustainability manager

In the Business Sector…

  • Trying to convince a business to move towards more climate friendly practices? 
    • Contact the business manager, owner, or CEO.  
  • Want to host an Environmental event in your community?
    • Contact a local nonprofit director or Chamber of Commerce member.
  • Need additional funding for your project?
    • Contact your local Chamber of Commerce to identify businesses in your area that would support your cause.

These are just a few ideas on who to contact. Think outside the box as there are many people looking to support action on Climate Change.

Need help on who you should contact? Reach out to your advisor for extra guidance! 

Contacting your Expert

Download an example email and phone script that you can use to connect with your expert. You can even ask your Advisor to be on the call! 

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